Our Wedding

This is a special part of the site. You may be wondering what a page dealing with a wedding is doing on a site that focuses on theology. Don't be frightened. Quite frankly, since I am the author of the eschatology.com site I reserve the liberty to include sections dealing with other subjects besides theology on the site. However, I will not be nearly as verbose as I am inclinded to be at eschatology.com.

This section of the site is intended to consist of photographs of me and my dear wife, Karrie, and some of our family and friends at our wedding.

Karrie and I understand that most of you were not able to attend our wedding. Therefore we would like to thank you for taking the time to celebrate our wedding through viewing these photographs.

The page will essentially contain photos taken at the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and wedding reception.

Finally, I want to personally thank all of you who celebrate this very special event for me. For some, it is a relief. You might be saying, "Finally that man is being kept off the streets." There is some truth to that statement. For others you might be saying, "At last, that crazy man has been given a wife to make him see what life is really all about." I am sure others are saying things that are probably related. Regardless, Karrie and I are very excited about marriage. We certainly anticipate the struggles God brings and trust that He will only refine us through those struggles. We also refuse to trust in ourselves to keep this marriage together. I certainly don't deserve a healthy marriage. But I hope God would pardon my past in this temporal, biological life and turn me into a faithful husband and hopefully, one day, a faithful father.

So, without further delay, please enter